Why Some Card Payments Failed?


1. Verified-by-Visa or SecureCode for MasterCard not activated.

2. Wrong Phone Number or Email address to receive one-time password (OTP).

3. Our Payment processor may see it as "Potentially Fraudulent", and deny the transaction.

4. Your Bank (card-issuer) may have restrictions for transactions from Nigeria, and deny it.

5. You may be using the card from a Country different from where it was issued.


About 3-D Secure


In order to provide additional security and ensure that customers (card holders) like you actually authorised a transaction, our payment processor may use 3DS (3-D Secure). In simple terms, it means you need to activate "Verified-by-Visa" for Visa card or " SecureCode" for MasterCard etc.


A transaction using Verified-by-Visa or SecureCode will initiate a redirection to the website of the card issuing bank to authorize the transaction. Each issuer could use any kind of authentication method (the protocol does not cover this) but typically, a password-based method is used, so to effectively buy on the Internet means using a password tied to the card. The Verified-by-Visa protocol recommends the bank's verification page to load in an inline frame session. In this way, the bank's systems can be held responsible for most security breaches. Today, with the ease of sending white-listed text messages from registered bank senders, it is easy to send a one-time password as part of an SMS text message to users' mobile phones and emails for authentication, at least during enrollment and for forgotten passwords.--Wikipedia


Possible Solutions:


  • Confirm that your bank has your current phone number (or email): We've found that some customers who attempt to Pay with Bank sometimes have trouble receiving their OTP (one-time password). We've also found that in most cases, this is because the customer did not have their current phone number (or email) registered with their bank, so their bank was sending the OTP to an old phone number (or wrong email). To ensure success, confirm that your current phone number (or email) is registered with your bank. This will ensure that you receive OTPs for transaction authorization. 


  • Visa and Mastercard-holders to ensure that their card is properly registered: Customers who use a Visa card should confirm with their bank that their card has been correctly registered with the "Verified by Visa" program. If you have Mastercard, you should confirm that your card is registered for a "MasterCard Secure Code" at your bank. Some banks have automatically done this registrations, while others have not, so it'd be good for you to confirm.


  • Ensure you use the Card from the same Country it was issued: Our Payment processor had advised that card transaction originates from the same country where it was issued.




Note: If you tried the above and yet your card payment still failed, you may use alternative payment method: Bank transfer or Bitcoin.