1. Intro: The use of “we”, “us”, “our” refers to Fecund Systems Ltd, the operator of gsm2me.com. [gsm2me is used interchangeable with gsm2me.com or platform]. The use of “you”, “your”, “yours”, “customer”, “member” refers to anybody who registered/signed-up with gsm2me.com.

  2. About: Gsm2me is an online platform that sells International Mobile-phone Credits and other utilities credits.

  3. Agreement: Once you registered/signed-up with gsm2me.com, you have confirmed that you are eligible to use this service (and up to the age of 18 years), and that you have read/understood and accepted these terms. These Terms shall serve as a contract(agreement) between us and you.

  4. Account Funding:To use gsm2me services, you need to fund your gsm2me account(s) through credit/debit card, mobile money, bitcoin, or bank deposit/transfer or other methods provided by us from time to time.

  5. Account Division: Your gsm2me.com account is divided into two (2) separate sub-accounts; (a)International Airtime/Credits—from where you can perform international credit top-ups, and (b) Local Credit--from where you can perform other services provided locally in Nigeria.

  6. Currency: Nigerian Naira (NGN) is the base (operational) currency of gsm2me.com; amount displayed in other currency on our site is conversion based on an online rate at that time or a rate fixed by us, and it is just for education purpose.

  7. Exchange Rate: When you use other currency (non-NGN) card, your financial institution or bank, at their official rate, will charge your card to the tone of the equivalent NGN amount, after your successful payment checkout. We do not take responsiblity for any loss as a result of exchange rate.

  8. Fees: Processing fee may be charged by the Payment Processor. We may also include other fee that may acrue in the transaction. The fee(s) will be displayed for you to see before you proceed with your payment/checkout.

  9. Refund: Money you deposited/transferred/credited to our account, are not refundable. However, our payment processor/bank may reverse payment that seems suspicious/fraudulent; and when this happens, we will debit your gsm2me account accordingly.

  10. Account Limits/Suspension: We may limit the amount of transactions you can perform in a period, or outrightly suspend your gsm2me account so that you cannot perform further transaction, if fraudulent transaction is suspected by us or by our payment processor/bank, until such issue is cleared. Twenty-four (24) hours limits may also be placed after you funded your account.

  11. Deduction in Error: In situation where monetary value is deducted from your gsm2me.com account but the service you initiated was not fully rendered or the service failed; upon notification by you and/or confirmation by us, we shall credit your gsm2me.com account to the tone of the discrepancy.

  12. Data Collection: We collect and store (in our database, and browser sessions) the Personal Data you provided at signup, or updated in the Control Panel (MyPanel). We also automatically collect and keep transaction logs. This is for record purpose. However, we do not collect/store your sensitive bank/card details; but our payment processor(s) may, subject to terms available on their platform(s).

  13. Data Privacy: We do not reveal your password to third party. It is your sole responsiblity to keep it secured. Your other personal data with us, may be shared with our payment processor(s), service provider(s), government agency(s) and/or bank(s) when requested. We may also let people you send airtime/sms, to know the sender. Notwitstanding, we do not take responsibility for your data if hacked, pilfered, etc. from our platform electronically or otherwise.

  14. Endorsement of Messages: We do not encourage unsolicited sms etc, nor endorse or take responsiblity for the messages sent from our platform by users.

  15. Service Cost/Availablity: It is your responsiblity to check that our service is available to your planned destination(s) and the cost that may be involved, before you proceed to deposit money/use our service. You can test your planned airtime top-up destination/cost by attempting a top-up to your planned destination mobile number. Free sms units (amount) may also be provided by us when you register, to enable you test SMS service.

  16. Disclaimer/Indemnity: Our website or services are provided "as is" and neither we nor our suppliers, agents, payment processors or network providers make any warranty(implied or expressed) that the service(s) promoted by us (airtime, sms, utility credits etc) will be available or successfully remitted to any destination at all times, even if a test attempt was/seemed successful. You therefore agree to indemnify us from any loss or damages whatsoever that you may incur from the use/termination of our service(s).

  17. Access Permission: Any Phone/SMS/Email request originating from the Mobile Number or Email address you registered with us, may be acted upon. Similarly, any login attempt with your registered email and correct password shall be granted access to your gsm2me account.

  18. Copyrights: All trademarks, service marks, logos or other similar items utilized/displayed on our platform are the properties of their respective owners.

  19. Termination/Data Deletion: (a) You may terminate your gsm2me account at anytime by sending an email from your registered email address, to that effect, to any of our email addresses at the contact page. Such request shall be processed within 7 days upon received and your account shall be deleted. However, we may choose to backup up your deleted account/data for a period of at least 6 months. (b) We may terminate your account if, after registration, you do not confirm your email address or perform any transaction for 6 months. (c) We may from time to time delete all transaction logs that are up to 6 months old to reduce the load on our server.

  20. Info: We may send you transactional/informational/promotional email messages or sms that relates to our service.

  21. Changes: These information/terms, or the cost (price) of our service(s) may change without pre-informing you, at our discretion; and such change(s) shall be effective with immediate effect.