Improving SMS Delivery: DND (Nigeria)


Do your target recipients find it difficult to receive your SMS messages? Or did they complain that the SMS your have been sending, they never received? It may be that their mobile numbers are in the DND (Do Not Disturb) list.


Recently, the National Commucations Commission or NCC (the telecom regulator in Nigeria) mandated telecom companies operating in Nigeria to enable the Do Not Disturb (DND) scheme. The purpose is to ensure that subcribers do not receive 'unsolicited' SMS.


The scheme made provision for subscribers (telephone users) to choose the category of SMS they would want to receive and the ones they would want to block. Many users are not aware of this and did not personally enable (activate) the DND. However, they just discovered that they have stopped receiving certain sms notifications from organisations, clubs, church, association, family/friends etc. The mobile number may have been enlisted into DND.



How to Improve your SMS delivery.

1. If your client do not get your messages (e.g. on MTN numbers), ask them to provide an alternative number (Glo, 9mobile, airtel etc).

2. Ask your clients if they want to 'disable' DND and allow all SMS to be delivered to their phones. Then they should do the following:

-For MTN, text ALLOW to 2442.

-For Glo, text ALLOW to 2442.

-For Airtel, text ALLOW to 2442.

-For 9mobile (etisalat), text ALLOW to 2442.

Note: If you want to check the DND Status of your phone number, then text STATUS to 2442.